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Category: France

Paris to Berlin – You Will Be Clean

Well, on the train today. Got up without a problem and headed over to Gare du Nord and got our Eurorail tickets.


Hopped the double decker tour bus today to just travke around town and get the commentary.

Paris Day 2.5 / Catacombs / Arc de Triomphe

The internet connection has been a bit lacking the last few days…. Hopped over this morning to the Catacombs to check out millions of dead people.

Art, Hunchbacks, and the Eiffel Tower

Today I woke up about 10:30 from a dead sleep and just layed in bed for another 45 minutes. Guess I was tired!


After getting from Gare du Nord to the hotel in Montmartre I think it was a good choice.

London to Paris

Today’s a travel day so it should be mellow. We checked out of the hotel at noon after sitting in a Starbucks this morning.