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Last Day in Hawaii and the Flight Home

Yesterday we sadly checked out of the hotel in Maui and had to sadly return the PT Cruiser. Sadly, because that car is a piece of junk and it cost money. Those things should be free. “A Honda Civic? Oh, those are $500 dollars a day. The PT Losers? Oh go ahead and take one, […]

Haleakala Volcano Bike Ride

On vacation you’re supposed to sleep in, not get up at 2:30 in the morning. But that’s what you have to do if you want to see a sunrise on top of a volcano and then bike down it for 30 miles. Good fun though, and no injuries! After going bed only slightly earlier then […]

Molokini Crater

This morning we had to get up early and then drive back towards the airport to catch the boat out to Molokini crater. We were running a little bit behind but the boat was still there when we arrived. After a few drives around the parking lot there was actually a parkingspot right by the […]

Oahu to Maui

Today’s a bit of a travel day as we make our way from Oahu to Maui. Our flight isn’t that early so we can sleep in a bit and head to the airport at our leisure. We have the car too but I kinda forgot where the car rental place was. Somewhere over there, by […]

Steve and Vicki’s Wedding

Wedding Day! The reason we’re here! The wedding is at 2pm so we have time to get ready and not be rushed. We took some photos around the lobby of the hotel and it was good that it was next door as we only had a 3 minute walk. Found out quite quickly that it’s […]

Polynesian Cultural Center Pt. II, Gus Pt. II, and on to Waikiki

This morning we got up and said goodbye to Turtle Bay. Bye Turtle Bay, I hate to break it to you but we saw no turtles. We checked out but stayed around to take a swim in the ocean before hitting the road. After the swim, the first thing to do was to stop by […]

Gus, the Dole Plantation and Steve and Vicki’s BBQ

Today we had a few things on the schedule which included a drive across the island to go to a pre-wedding bar-b-que in Kailua. That was from 1-6pm so we had a bit of time in the morning and afternoon to see a few things. After an hour long photoshoot on the beach in full […]

On a White, Sandy Beach In Hawaii

We’re up here on the north shore and drove down to Haleiwa for breakfast. We stopped along the way at Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Waimea. The surf was really rough and breaking again right on to the beach. Nice though. Click on the pic to heed the warning. After breakfast we walked around Haleiwa for […]

Wiki Wiki to Hawaii!

Tonight we’re on our way to Hawaii!! That doesn’t suck. Friend Steve is getting married to Vicki this week in Honolulu. Sooo… we’re going to go early and hang out on Oahu this week and then after the wedding flying over to Maui. Liza’s never been to Hawaii and I’ve only been to Kauai once, […]

Kauai – Photo/Video Wrap Up


Kauai – Day Eight

This morning I had to get up at 6:00 to get to Hanalei Bay by 6:45. The catamaran trip around to Na Pali is on. It was cancelled on Wednesday because of a boat problem. The night before I charged all my batteries and got packed to check out of the hotel bright and early. […]

Kauai – Day Seven

Slower and slower I get… just sat around today waiting for the sunset I suppose. Did some laundry inbetween lunch and dinner and drove along the coast up to Hanalei Bay as the clouds looked like they were going to put on a good show. Lot’s of people gathered down on the beach with a […]

Kauai – Day Six

[HELICOPTER TOUR VIDEO] Suffering from a few mosquito bites tonight but not nearly like I did in Fiji. I had to drive down to the town of Hanapepe today to catch the helicopter flight around the island. There’s a small airstrip down there that they operate the tours from. The difference with this company is […]

Kauai – Day Five

[CHASING FISH AROUND VIDEO] I suck at relaxing, but today I finally slowed down a bit. Hung out at a couple beaches and did a little snorkeling. Low low key. First went to beach called Tunnels up in Hanalei and snorkled around in the very shallow reef. I’m not sure if the tide was or […]

Kauai – Day Four

[X-TREME SEA TURTLE VIDEO] Nice and sunny today so I headed over to a place called Queen’s Bath. It’s a lava shelf that has created a pool for swimming. Next to it though was the real show. There was a green sea turtle just hanging out and eating off the sides of the walls of […]

Kauai – Day Three

Today’s goal was to tour around Waimea Canyon. Basically a mini Grand Canyon. Left about 8 this morning and it’s now 6pm so it was a 10 hour day and I’m beat and need some food. The ride up was really winding and if you’re driving it’s not a lot of fun. You can’t exactly […]

Kauai – Day Two

Basically it was a dumping ground for bottles and such and over the years it’s smoothed all the pieces and there is a lot of glinty colorful sand in the area…. About dinner time I was so hungry I stopped of at the market to pick up some stuff but the lure of chinese food next door was too much for me.

Kauai – Day One

I run over and grab it an head over to the car rental counter which is empty because all the rest of the suckers are still waiting for their bags!… Not the usual muggy South Pacific island kinda thing to do.Anyway, I get to the hotel and the lobby is empty and the woman at the counter tells me even though I’m early for check-in my room is ready and off I go.

Fiji 2005

Photos from the kayaking trip to Fiji. It only took me a month this time rather than three years for the last trip. Unfortunately this time around I was hammered by mosquitos and came home with an unfortunate nightmare on my hands. I had an allergic reaction to the mosquito bites and they kept getting […]

Lost in Fiji

I’m home and it’s back to a normal life again. For five of the days I was paddling and I feel pretty buff. Don’t look buff, just feel buff. So, instead of Oceanic Air flight 815, I was on Air Pacific flight 811. We didn’t crash, no one shot anyone, polar bears didn’t attack me, […]