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Fiji 2005

Photos from the kayaking trip to Fiji. It only took me a month this time rather than three years for the last trip. Unfortunately this time around I was hammered by mosquitos and came home with an unfortunate nightmare on my hands. I had an allergic reaction to the mosquito bites and they kept getting […]

Lost in Fiji

I’m home and it’s back to a normal life again. For five of the days I was paddling and I feel pretty buff. Don’t look buff, just feel buff. So, instead of Oceanic Air flight 815, I was on Air Pacific flight 811. We didn’t crash, no one shot anyone, polar bears didn’t attack me, […]

The Life Aquatic with Chris Zissou

I’m in a kayak floating on the blue seas of the South Pacific paddling from one white sandy beach to the next white sandy beach. The photo is of the northern coast of the island of Kadavu. Kadavu is an island about an hours flight south of the main island of Viti Levu. Basically picture […]

Imageworks Halloween

[IMAGEWORKS HALLOWEEN GALLERY] Damn, people done good with the creativity for Halloween. Some great pumpkins were made and some of the costumes were wicked good. The CSI:Pumpkin is awesome, and the motion capture pumpkin is probably only funny to a select few. It’s weird but I didn’t realize until today that I haven’t been home […]

Fiji to New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

On our flight out of Fiji at 3:00AM or something we were greeted by a spectacular sunrise behind the wing of the plane. We had a bit of a layover in Auckland where we slept, then hopped our flight to Sydney. Since we were only going to be in Sydney for a day we hopped […]

Shangri-La Resort, Fiji

Finally a real day of rest. At this point I was so tired I just hung out in the room and drank a lot of Fiji water. Hey, when in Fiji… Yes they really do get the water from here. Oh, and of course ate some more Pringle’s. I’m kinda sick of Pringle’s. Some of […]

Nadi, Fiji

After a long night of sleep without mozzies buzzing about, we settled in slowly at the Shangri-La Resort. We finally got a tropical sunset over the water. Somesthing we never got while out kayaking. That night we drove back into Nadi to meet up with Tony, or kayaking guide, for dinner and then hang out […]

Kadavu Airport, Fiji

Kadavu airport. Now offically the smallest airport I’ve ever seen. I thought one in Tahiti was small, but this one takes it. It’s a field with a large shed. We said goodbye to George and Waise back at Matava, and Petero, one of the other guides rode with us to the airport to say goodbye. […]

Kadavu Koro Village

On our last day of kayaking we all ended up in the village of Kadavu Koro. I rode the support boat into the village and it was straight out of “Apocalypse Now”. People were standing on the banks watching us motor slowly by, smoke was pouring out of some of the huts, etc. I just […]

Albert’s Place

Yesterday we left Naqara village and kayaked along the south eastern shore of Ono and headed to Albert’s Place. We made a quick stop at Jona’s Paradise before heading across the channel to the main island of Kadavu. With a lack of sleep, I skipped the channel crossing and rode the support boat. The other […]

Naqara Village School

After last night’s arrival into the village we awoke this morning to the sound of rooster’s crowing, kid’s yelling, and a dogfight. I slept about 2 hours, if that. I’m going to be a wreck in the kayak’s today. We ate breakfast with about a 1000 flies. Not sure why there weren’t that many flies […]

Kayaking Ono Island

This morning we set out in the kayaks. The coastline was spectacular with many beautiful sand beaches, green and blue bays, and picture perfect palm trees. That’s my kayak the “Screaming Yellow Zonker” at our midday stop about a quarter of the way around Ono. For lunch we had carbs. Carb salad, carbs on ice, […]

Jona’s Paradise Day 2

Relaxed around Jona’s today. It’s Sunday, and all the Fijian’s left for church this morning so I grabbed my camera for a walk along the beach. I came across this huge crab. It was about 8 inches across and I kept taking photos of it. Getting closer and closer, I thought it would eventually run […]

Jona’s Paradise Day 1

We flew down to Kadavu today, pronounced Kandavu (see the pattern?), and took a squirrely boat ride to Jona’s Paradise. Jona was a popular musician around Fiji and now lives here with his family. This is an island called Ono which is off the north eastern shore of Kadavu. The beach was beautiful and our […]

Nadi, Fiji

Woo Hoo, Fiji!!!!!! We stayed in Nadi, pronounced Nandi, the first two nights. It’s a crazy little city with lots of sellers begging you into their shops. The hotel, the Tanoa, was nice enough, but the city was pretty sketchy. None the less, it turned out to be an interesting shopping experience. The swami temple […]