Hong Kong? Check. Cameras? Check. Passport? Check.

by chris cunningham

Hong Kong? Yeah, why not? I need a short break. After the Europe trip in June spiraled out of control due to the purchase of a painting, I decided I had to keep this trip as low cost as possible. I like the painting a lot but man was that stupid. The flight and hotel for the week were $1500 U.S.. I thought that was a bargain, so I bit. Granted I’m not staying within the city of Hong Kong at some top flight hotel with turn down service. I’ll be on the rather quaint outer island called Lantau and the ferry to the city picks up 5 minutes from the hotel. So no biggie, just a little ride each morning.

Alright, on to more important stuff. The gear! I mean, what’s a trip without dragging tons of equipment with you and not using half of it? Right? So I’m leaving behind the telephoto. Too big. Taking the 10-22, 50mm and the 24-70. Also the timer, a small tripod and for fun the XPAN. That’s still a lot to carry… hmmmm…

I’ve also noticed that since I’ve traveled so much this year I’ve started to get relaxed on the preparations at home. Which is not a good thing. I was up until 3am and had to get up at 7am. I hadn’t even packed yet. But, I’m at the airport and still ahead of schedule. Dropped the car off at work and took a cab from there. I’m not a big fan of having a cab driver come to my home address and then telling them to take me to LAX and Cathay Pacific Airlines. I’m sure 99% of drivers are quite trustworthy I just don’t want that 1 percenter.

So I’m outta here… Happy Advance Thanksgiving.