Hong Kong Exploration

by chris cunningham

OK, first day, I just spent the day getting my bearings. I got up and looked into the ferry from Mui Wo to Hong Kong. Not bad, about 1/2 an hour and $3 dollars. Grabbed a funny little sandwich in the funny little terminal and hopped aboard the not all that funny ferry. Made our way across the bay and holy smokes as we came around the corner… look and that brown cloud just covering Hong Kong and Kowloon. That looks nasty! I now understand the whole wearing a surgical mask thing.

Got off the ferry admist massive skyscrapers and walked across the road to catch the 15C bus to the funicular. It’s the tram you take to go up to the peak to overlook all of Hong Kong. I thought it might give me a better look at the layout of the city and also just check out the view. Turns out it’s basically a mall with a lookout tower on top of it. It even has the Wax Museum and a Bubba Gump restaurant, so it’s pretty touristy.

I took the funicular back down and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked. Just walked around the city, up and down the hills. Oh my God my feet hurt. Then it got dark and I took the ferry back to Lantau. Good exploratory first day.

What have I noticed? Hong Kong’s only pretty at night. There are also a million 7-11’s, KFC’s, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, an IKEA, malls, fashions shops, banks, a few Burger Kings, and lots of hills. Lots and lots of hills.