Ocean Park

by chris cunningham

Hit an oceanarium thing today called Ocean Park. The weather outside was a total fright. It was dumping rain like a dam had burst. So I thought an outside park might be in order, ya know, to show how stupid I am. Dur.

Did my morning ritual of getting the funny little sandwich in the funny terminal on the not so funny ferry and hopped the bus to Aberdeen. Still pouring out and I don’t have an umbrella. A lot of the exhibits were enclosed so that was good. Spent the day looking at all the fish and being amused by a huge California sea lion and seal exhibit called “Pacific Pier”. A recreation of California coast with rocky out croppings and wooden piers. The sea lions didn’t seem to notice it was fake. So I hung out with my fellow flippered Californians for a little while and we talked about the good old times. Then it was feeding time and they bailed. Hey! I was talking to you!

Anyway, it rained all day and I was damp, cold and tired so I quit. Back on the ferry home and watched strange chinese TV shows all night until I fell asleep.