Humble Pie Marketing Suggestion

by chris cunningham

I have an idea. If Humble Pie [LINK] was to release another album, say some unearthed live recordings, they should distribute them via swap meets worldwide. That’s about the only place you can buy a Humble Pie album these days anyway, so why not take it straight to the fans? Brilliant, eh? After walking around around the Fairfax Marketplace, not swap meet according to them, I started noticing all these classic rock album covers popping out at me. Paintings over here, crazy shoes over there, and some strange abstract crap thrown about the ground below me. I’m probably in that mindset after having just bought a book on the album cover artwork of Storm Thorgerson [LINK]. I took a few of my shots and mocked them up into classic rock album covers from the 70’s. Complete with worn covers and frayed edges. I miss album covers. Foghat rules! Update: 02/05/2004 Because of this post, I like that if you now type in “Humble Pie Album Covers” [LINK] into Google, my site comes up first. That’s funny. Ok, maybe not anymore.