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Category: Art

Watts Towers / Nuestro Pueblo by Simon Rodia

[Watts Towers, Los Angeles – Info] L.A.’s own Antoni Gaudi. A skeletal Sagrada Familia in the heart of South Central. Called up [ Adnan ] this morning and we headed over to the Watts Towers. This is one of those places I’ve been meaning to go to my entire life. Lot’s of elementary school trips […]

XREZ: The Monster Truck of Photography

This is why I love photography. It’s art, science, math, travel all rolled up into one.

Eric Joyner Show Opening

Headed over to the Eric Joyner opening tonight. I like robots, I like donuts, I like art. It’s a trifecta of goodness.

Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament

[CUT & PASTE TOURNAMENT VIDEO] [CUT & PASTE TOURNAMENT PHOTO GALLERY] Designers as Rock Stars! Finally! I mean come on artists deserve real live applause! The former Art Director in me was all twitchy with excitement about this competition. The way it works is two artists go head to head and have 15 minutes to […]

Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

[DIA DE LOS MUERTOS PHOTO GALLERY] How’d a cemetery become the cool place to hang out in L.A. They’re reinventing the cemetery experience over there at Hollywood Forever. Movies, festivals, actual burials. It’s crazy! Anyway, the Day of the Dead Festival the weekend before the actual event is totally amazing! And really beautiful when the […]

Writer James Ellroy

Went out hunting for food and walked by a bookstore that was having a discussion and signing by the writer [James Ellroy]. Oooo that could be interesting. It was starting in just a few minutes so I picked up a copy of his book, ‘The Black Dahlia” and grabbed a seat. He came out and […]

Banksy, Brewster McCloud and Nashville

The infamous stencil grafitti artist [Banksy] hit L.A. recently. It feels odd to seem honored that he’d come here all the way from Bristol, UK and paint up the town! Ha ha! He even got rid of the previous stencil of a maid sweeping stuff up under the wall and put up a new one […]

Cat People

Just one of the things I’ve been working on. Combining natural elements fused with portraits. Not sure where I’m going with it but it’s relaxing to just play around with.

Dear Mom, Cadavers are Cool.

Dear Mom,I went to an exhibit today that you would consider to be a house of horrors. I found it terribly interesting.

Random London Wanderings

Things I learned today, Beefeaters really did eat beef, police “Bobbies” got their name from police chief “Robert”, Guy Fawkes real name was Guido Fawkes, Henry the VIII was pretty much an idiot, the London Eye is not for the claustrophobic, the Thames still has eels as I saw a bird eating one, I still laugh at the unfortunate street named “Cockspur”, I just laughed writing that, hands down Harrod’s hires the most insanely beautiful women, I kind miss all the pigeon’s at Trafalger Square, Star of India might be a good place to eat but it doesn’t open at 5pm.

Jett Jackson’s Studio

I went and visited Jett at her studio today. She has an awesome space at the Santa Fe Art colony. Click the picture to get a huge pic and scroll along to view the panorama. The great thing about Jett is she’s fairly prolific so everytime I see her I get to see a bunch […]

The Brewery Art Walk

Met up with Alicia and Jill at The Brewery for the bi-annual Art Walk. I swear I burn out faster and faster each year with eye fatigue. The Brewery is just to big to do all in one day with a clear head. I did get to meet and chat with Michael Salerno. He had […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Quatre

1. Occumbo contemno / blood trees reign / dreams / the Sneetches graveyard. 2. Red / Venus rising / young lust / fishbreath. 3. City folk are / lacy pinafore / next appointment / in Kalamazoo. The latest 3 of 12 Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that I’ve now worked on. I’m pretty disappointed in two of […]

3 x 3: Alfredo de Batuc Benefit

With three days of art gallery shows there was no way I was going to make it out clean. Friday night started out with Rachel and a show called “Remixing the Magic” [LINK]. Rachel and I have developed a simple code word for going out to eat. We just leave a message on our answer […]

Ashes and Snow

Exquisite Corpses Part Trois

1. Humpty buddha’s hand / in funny ways / culture sale / bouche et bijioux. 2. Dust my broom / spanning the infinite / deep in space / something fishy. 3. The flight of / partes / in platon hands / came crashing down. The latest Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that I’ve worked. First one I […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Deux

1. Merry go round / Mckenna’s tomatoes / milking the green / so it grows. 2. That girl’s face / sky writing / out da hole / pass the deodorant. 3. Caffeinated devil bees / and the hive / I hate math / seagull on rocks More Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that have come through the […]

Shag Book Signing

After missing the movie I was headed to in Los Feliz by a few mintutes, I blew it off and went to La Luz de Jesus to see the new Shag show. I had told Jill we could catch it when she had time, but I was there, and nothing to do, so I buckled […]

Soundwalk 2005

[SOUNDWALK VIDEO LINK]Yeah… just not that into sound artists all that much, but I gave Soundwalk [LINK] a shot. A little too “experimental” for my taste. I guess I was searching for something a little more whimsical. Everyone seems so serious. At one of the gallery stops, some people were writhing around on the floor […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Un

1. Mr. Muffet’s nightmare / swimming with stars / that were underground / in dreamtime. 2. My romeo / in the river / stickley pricks / its a-mazing! 3. Mozopolis / killing time / melting L / elaborate systems underground. What the hell’s an Exquisite Corpse? [LINK] Well… it’s a game developed during the surrealist […]