Shag Book Signing

by chris cunningham

After missing the movie I was headed to in Los Feliz by a few mintutes, I blew it off and went to La Luz de Jesus to see the new Shag show. I had told Jill we could catch it when she had time, but I was there, and nothing to do, so I buckled and went without her. I checked out the show and noticed on my way out that Shag was going to be there that night (in 4 hours) to sign copies of his new new book, The Art of Josh Agle. I left my phone at home, so I bailed with the intention of coming back and picking up the book and saying hi to Josh. I got home and called Jill, who I thought was still at work, but forgot was actually at Brigitte’s bridal shower and would be done at 5:30. Perfect. Met her there picked up some books and met Josh and had him sign them and he put a skull in mine and a monkey in Jill’s! She owns Vice Monkeys [LINK] so that was cool. It’s kinda funny because earlier this week while I was Southparking [LINK] a bunch of people (via Willo’s site), I put a skull on my shirt [LINK]. Perfect. I’m not a big autograph hound but it’s better to have it signed than not I suppose.

Let’s see, this week in history. Gas prices suck, hurricane Katrina sucks, it’s September 11th tomorrow and that sucked, my Netflix stock is going through the roof and that kicks ass, Starbucks seems to have stalled and that kinda sucks, my desk is a mess which sucks, El Coyote’s food really doesn’t suck that much.

S?ɬ?ren Ragsdale [LINK] pulled off a brilliant bit of conceptual artwork here at work. Or in his words, “A reprojection of practical photography onto low-resolution proxy geometry”. In layman’s terms that means he shot a picture of himself working at his desk, took it to Kinko’s and got it printed onto vinyl, and stitched in all the eyelets. Now he works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Of course it got Farked [LINK], and all hell broke loose. S?ɬ?ren also stablized the transformation images on John Stone’s website [LINK]. It’s friggin’ incredible [LINK] to watch. Smart people + creative ideas = joy.

My friend Ergin [LINK] from Albania lost his childhood friend Dorian in an accident and that really sucks. There was a memorial and screening of his films at the Echo Park Film Center and it was good to see Ergin doing well. Ergin was in a lot of the films and it was cool to see their lives in Albania. That’s good and does not suck.