The Black Crowes at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

by chris cunningham

Well hello Black Crowes, we meet again! The first time I saw them was with Jimmy Page in 1999. Most of the set was Zeppelin with a sprinkle of Black Crowes songs. Then I was supposed to see them on September 11th, 2001 at The Greek. That whole day didn’t happen. So my buddies and I flew to New Orleans to the Voodoo Music Festival in October. Earlier in the day, Snoop Dogg went on late, and then stayed on waaaaay too long. The Black Crowes being the headliner, and last band of the day, had their 1.5 hour set cut to 40 minutes because of the 11pm curfew. Thanks a %$@#&^ lot Snoop. Then I flew up to The Gorge to see Tom Petty with The Black Crowes opening. So yet another abbreviated set. What the? Now finally a full concert! Well, they stopped playing really long shows but it was a tight 90 minutes. And the opener Billy Tibbals was great. Bowie, Marc Bolan, and The Jam all sorta rolled up into one. Cool front man.

So, with a lack of friends to go to concerts with (sad haha), I befriended the new head of my son’s school. He used to go to tons of shows in London, and wrote for some magazines. So we hit it off pretty well at a mutual parents party and agreed we’d take in some shows around town. First up The Black Crowes! Couple more planned are The Struts again this summer. Gawd I love them. Also Jeff Lynne/ELO. Gawd I love him too. Last tour and in fine vocal form. I’ll be in L.A. when Sarah McLachlan is playing home town Vancouver. Booo.

What else? Oh yes new phone. Had to break down and replace my iPhone. So yes the above very nice clean concert photos are courtesy of the iPhone 15 Pro Max ABC7’s Live Mega Doppler 7000 HD or something like that. Next up in May, Los Angeles. Hitting all the usual spots. Paco’s, Tito’s, Rickey’s (oh no tragedy, he’s moved to Bakersfield)… just every Mexican place I love. Getty, Coffee Bean, Disney Studio Lot, Universal Studios, Gladstones, and of course Disneyland! Who’s excited?! You, me?

And yes Funko Pop! you finally got me. You hit the right buttons. The girl in the blue dress from Rush’s Permanent Waves, and Exit… Stage Left albums and Luke Spiller from The Struts?!?! What the? That is amazing and in a bit of a Freddie Mercury suit. Before a go karting birthday party this weekend I took X and his friend to Toy Traders and had a peep around. Such a cool store, you should really go there next time you’re in Langley.