The Giant’s Causeway

by chris cunningham

Crack me the hell up. Well, I made it. I wasn’t sure I was going to make all the way up to Northern Ireland and even the northern coast at that. But here I am standing before what I consider the greatest album cover in rock history. Don’t think I don’t know I’m a total loser for doing this but I loved every minute of those two hours I was out there trying to find “the” spot. When I was a kid I swear I’d unfold my House Of The Holy record sleeve and look at those kids crawling up this rocky monolith and listen to that music for hours on end. It was other worldy and took me places. I was in musical geek heaven today. Unfortunately I didn’t have as wide a lens as they did, but you can still open both images and see the similar landmarks. What nobody tells you is that they printed the album cover backwards, which would have shaved off probably an hour of time searching for it. So I flipped my photo for ease of use. This would definitely be a great Geocache.