The Polyphonic Spree at El Rey Theater

by chris cunningham

According to Websters Dictionary, Polyphonic is “a style of musical compostion in which two or more independent melodies are juxtoposed in harmony”, and Spree is defined as “an unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity”. Exactly. That said, when you mix a great idea with a little bit of Jon Anderson from Yes, David Bowie’s “Five Years”, the 70’s Coke commercial, the musical Hair, the bus from the Partridge Family, a cult from Texas, Genesis’ “Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, and throw in a little bit of the theremin solo in Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and you end up with a thing called “The Polyphonic Spree” [LINK]. The Spree is like nothing you’ll see, a happy show of celebration, balloons and bubbles. Considering all the negativity around these days it’s no wonder these guys are thriving. Even Trent Reznor likes ’em. This would be a great outdoor show in the panhandle of Golden Gate Park. I’m happy. I’ve seen The Spree. Read about the show [LINK]. And I could walk to the show from my house. Catch some of the sunny vibe… [VIDEO LINK]. They’re not some cult band by the way, they just play one on stage.

Setlist: Harp Solo Intro – We Sound Amazed – It’s The Sun – Hold Me Now – Hanging Around The Day – Two Thousand Places – One Man Show – Diamonds/Mild Devotion to Majesty – When The Fool Becomes A King Encore: Love/Drone/Together We’re Heavy – Soldier Girl – Light and Day – Sun Machine