The Year in Review

by chris cunningham

It’s been 7 months since Xavier burst onto the scene. The lack of updates to this website attests to the amount of time it takes to attend to a newborn child. I’ve mainly been updating his website for all his ‘fans’ around the world. From the typical jaundiced look of a newborn to the little man sitting in his fire truck, here’s a sampler platter from birth until Christmas. It’s been absolutely amazing to watch him see and do things for the first time. His personality started showing up at about 2 months. There hasn’t been anybody he hasn’t smiled and laughed at and in return he always gets a smile and laugh in return. Even my most jaded non-baby friends love him. He really is the perfect little boy. I can’t believe he’s ours. Way too many people have said they want to eat him up. Please don’t eat my baby.

Then there this…

While 2013 has been crazy, we’re about to embark on a new adventure that will change our lives yet again… So stay tuned, hopefully it will be getting more interesting ’round these parts in February. It will even include more picture taking and posts too! My New Years promise to you website.