Vasquez Rocks

by chris cunningham

The best picture of the trunk and rear window of my car I’ll ever take. I can stop trying now. Out at Vasquez Rocks on Highway 14. After a quick visit with Charles and Lisa in Burbank I took a little detour up Highway 14 to Vasquez Rocks. I camped here quite a few times as a kid when I was in Indian Guides. I was “Little Black Hawk” back then. Don’t email me with comments. Another time I remember our family friend Rick was locked out of the campsite because he arrived so late. So we all piled in the trucks and went down to the entrance and layed boards all over the tire spikes that crossed the road at the exit. We got him in. I checked, and the spikes are still there but aren’t used. Let’s see, the Budweiser Ants commercial was filmed here, The Flintstones, Star Trek, etc… I love when there’s cool shit real close to home. I was always afraid to climb up to the top pinnacle as a kid. I still didn’t go. As the sun set I was sitting on the hood of the car, listening to tunes. If only I had a S’More right now.