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Month: April, 2003

Daniel Lanois At Amoeba Records

That there’d be Daniel Lanois! My friends are going to fall into two camps. The “Who’s that?” camp, or the “OH MY GOD, THAT’S DANIEL LANOIS!” camp. You already know which one you are. Daniel has produced and played on quite a few my favorite albums of all time. He signed a copy of his […]

Isabella At One

Identification….Processing….Investigation. A few seconds away from a finger print smear on the lens. Isabella’s now 1, fully mobile, and a magnet for broken glass, things that aren’t tied down, and splinters from wooden floors.

Fluevog Shoes

Haight Street S.F. and the Fluevog [LINK] store. According to the chair, Naz [LINK] measures in at about 4’2″ with platforms. I walked out with a pair of Satan resisting “Gibson Swirls”.

San Francisco Pet Cemetery

[PET CEMETERY GALLERY] Because they’re all going to their respective pet heavens… In San Francisco and under the Golden Gate Bridge lies the final resting place of the pets of some overly attached owners. And in animal karmic retribution while I was shooting, my car was riddled with no less than 30 bird shits.


California’s mini Uluru [LINK]. The rock at Morro Bay [LINK]. Stayed here last night in a little seaside motel that had free videos. “Free Willy”, “Solarbabies”, and “Dunston Checks In” were some of the choices. I had asked about what movies were playing in town last night and the desk clerk rolled her eyes and […]

Morro Bay

The goal was to get to Morro Bay so I could hit San Simeon early in the morning. The weather was nice back in L.A. so I threw on a pair of shorts for the drive up. Round about Santa Barbara the weather took a huge turn for the worse. That’s fine when you have […]

Ostrich Land

I’m hitting the road for a week long trip up the coast to San Francisco then home in a day. Hwy 101, south of San Luis Obispo lies Ostrich Land. Little did I know, less than 1/8 of sec. later this piece of shit ostrich would have my pinkie, ring, and middle fingers half way […]