Morro Bay

by chris cunningham

The goal was to get to Morro Bay so I could hit San Simeon early in the morning. The weather was nice back in L.A. so I threw on a pair of shorts for the drive up. Round about Santa Barbara the weather took a huge turn for the worse. That’s fine when you have normal clothes. When I pulled into Solvang I decided to change into some pants. I go to the trunk to get my bag that I had stuffed with clothes and… I left the pants and pullovers I was supposed to pack on the bed! All I have are t-shirts and shorts. What an idiot. Ok, no problem I’ll just find a Gap or something a pick up a couple pairs. San Luis Obispo’s not that far. Meanwhile the sun has gone down and I figure the Gap in S.L.O. will probably close at 9. I’ve got an hour to get there, find it, and get back on the road. I get to San Luis Obispo and after half an hour I find a Gap and they don’t have the right sizes. All that I can get are 2 sizes to big and too long. My ass is hanging out and I look like one of the Fat Albert gang. There’s nothing else I can do, I’m freezing to death, and have a couple days before I can shop in Santa Cruz. So I buy these really friggin’ big pants that I have to hold up by keeping both of my hands in the pockets. All of their belts were too small. This is the worst Gap ever. Nothing is in stock. I pull out of town and get to Morro Bay, find a scary Bates motel along the highway and head over to the rock. It’s too dark out to really see it, so I sat next to the water and looked at the city lights. Me and my new big pants.