by chris cunningham

California’s mini Uluru [LINK]. The rock at Morro Bay [LINK]. Stayed here last night in a little seaside motel that had free videos. “Free Willy”, “Solarbabies”, and “Dunston Checks In” were some of the choices. I had asked about what movies were playing in town last night and the desk clerk rolled her eyes and said, “Chicago”. I was kinda disturbed that I agreed with her. She gave me directions in between hacking, coughing and spitting out street names. I think I found patient zero of the SARS [LINK] outbreak. Hit the road at 9:00 and pulled off to watch some surfers and their “chool bus”. Dude.

Arrived in San Simeon about an hour later and took the bus up to Hearst Castle [LINK]. I learned that being flithy rich can be a good thing. For one, you can buy lots of statues of naked people. I also whispered “Rosebud” to myself throughout the tour. It’s hard not to. Stocked up on some “Hearst Castle Fudge” and headed for Santa Cruz where I was greeted by bad weather and a rainbow. And on a side note that I’m terribly proud of, the XM satellite radio [LINK] installed in my car worked like a charm. Radio reception on HWY 1… who’d of thought?