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Month: February, 2004

Neko Case (Will You Marry Me?) at The Derby

[NEKO CASE GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK]I love Neko Case. And after my holiday in Ireland, that pretty much spills over to all curly haired girls. Except Nicole Kidman. Anyway, she was back in town tonight doing another show at The Derby. It was billed as “With Friends”. Those friends included Jon Rauhouse, Kelly Hogan, and Carolyn […]

I Love My Office

Nothing quite like looking over your shoulder to see a bunch of grown-ups pressed up against the window gawking at a rainbow. Looked like a bunch of kids waiting for the ice cream truck. So I joined them. Last week we had a major downpour and it flooded an area by my office. Once they […]

Rise Of The Little Gold Men

The little gold men arrived in their spacecraft this week and are all hanging out at the Kodak Theater. They will be performing mind control experiments on viewers for 4 hours next Sunday. Blake Edwards will be receiving the lifetime acheivement Honorary Oscar shown above. It’s the only one engraved because they already know who […]

Melissa Etheridge at The House Of Blues

So last weekend was the gay piano bar, this week was the House Of Blues lesbian bar. I’ll take the piano bar anytime. Good God, because the territorial pissings going on tonight was downright frightening. A fight almost broke out in front of us while some other girls were yelling and screaming something not so nice behind us. There would be no singing “We are Family” tonight for these dolls. Drunk chicks dry humping each other on *my* back. I spilled my drink multiple times.

Going ‘ome

Stayed the night and had breakfast with Keith and Shelli this morning then headed down the peninsula to have lunch with a couple of former work friends. It was pouring rain until the central valley and it completely cleared by Santa Nella. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when I arrived back in L.A., […]

Call Of The Wild, Mud Puppy’s, Point Isabel And Laci Peterson

Keith, Shelli and I met at Jack’s Bistro [LINK] in Jack London Square for champagne brunch. We tried to ignore the champagne. Two of their friends were also there and I got a bit of pee spam when I went to use the restroom. MTV advertises on the urinal pads. That would suck to get […]

Valentine’s Day

Barbara said I was getting hit on, but I didn’t happen to notice so I think she was bullshittin’. After we left I still thought salmon, mocha and champagne were foods and not colors. So my heterosexuality was intact. And let me tell you about the strength of those Martini’s. I could only speak like Barry White for two days and my normal tone was like Peter Brady and his puberty squeak. we took off for home with what would ultimately be a mind numbing hangover.

Sixth Annual Imageworks Ski Trip

[MAMMOTH GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK] Watching “Big Fish” in the window reflection on the way home from Mammoth. The 6th annual Imageworks ski trip wrapped up Sunday with a quiet ride home. Busted ankles, lost snowboards, jacoozeeing, and snowmobiling were all part of the fun. I am now a snowmobiler. Whatever that means.

Body Parts At The Laundromat

There’s a tooth in my washer!!!!! Oh my God that’s disgusting. I’ll never use that washer again. People, if you lose a toof, put it under your pillow. Just don’t put it in your pocket and forget about it. Eh hem. Good grief. I wonder what awaits me in the dryer? Anybody lose a molar?

Sunday Mornin’ French Toast

French Toast with Canadian maple syrup and fruit compote $8.50. After brunch at Campanile/La Brea Bakery [LINK] the parental units wanted to go Farmers Market and then to the Beverly Center. It’s been a very 3rd Street day. You do know meat has artifical coloring right? It’s not red because it’s bloody. I’m also currently […]