Valentine’s Day

by chris cunningham

After 200 or more lifetime trips up the 5 freeway to San Francisco I had always tried to pass the “land of a million cows” as fast as possible. Damning the smell, I finally stopped to take a look at them. I got out of the car and it seemed like half of the million cows turned and looked up at me. I felt like I was expected to say something after all this time. All I could think to say was “I’m sorry we eat you”. I wasn’t sure how to say that in Cow though. That’s a lot of Double-Doubles out there [LINK].
Continuing on my way to San Francisco via the 152 and Casa De Fruta [LINK]. Word of advice; it’s not safe to drive through Pacheco Pass with one hand on the wheel and the other out the window taking pictures. Although you can nab some good backlit cloud photos on certain hairball turns. I stopped by Dreamworks [LINK] for a visit and to pick up Barbara.
I dragged former work friend Barbara up to the city for a V.D. dinner at Rocco’s [LINK] sans reservations, which turned out to be fine. After that we met up with Keith and Shelli at the piano bar Martuni’s [LINK] for some Martini’s and tunes. Hence the name. Shelli wanted to sing a bit and she’s friends with the piano player. Being Valentine’s Day, in the Castro district, and having gay and lesbian couples flying in from around the country to get married at City Hall this weekend, it was fairly packed with freshly minted Husbands and Wives. Including a couple of friends of Shelli and Keiths’ who got married the day before. So we toasted them and Shelli donned a film noir hat for a run through of some blues number. We saw an older woman who was sporting the mullet of mullets which was quickly dubbed the Ulti-mullet. The piano player and his hand picked singers ran through some gay anthems [VIDEO LINK] Did you know gay men like showtunes? Who knew?