Call Of The Wild, Mud Puppy’s, Point Isabel And Laci Peterson

by chris cunningham

Keith, Shelli and I met at Jack’s Bistro [LINK] in Jack London Square for champagne brunch. We tried to ignore the champagne. Two of their friends were also there and I got a bit of pee spam when I went to use the restroom. MTV advertises on the urinal pads. That would suck to get your name pissed on all day.

With a wacky hat shop and a camera you don’t have to spend any money, and you can always blame the hat if you don’t like the photo.

After lunch we took their dog Stoli to Point Isabel Dog Park. AKA Point Poop. Of course Stoli was spazzing out over going and was the first one in the car. I drove Keith’s Mini Cooper. Shweet little ride! At Point Isabel you can run your dog, let them swim in the bay, sniff other dogs, and then take them to Mud Puppy’s [LINK] for a bath. Great little dog friendly place. It also has the unfortunate association of being where Laci Peterson’s body [LINK] washed up on shore.

Later we drove over to Marin to a friend of theirs with a car load of musical equipment. We set up for a jam night. As if the weekend wasn’t fun enough we had a blast going through a bunch of songs, “Tiny Dancer”, “The Joker”, “Breakdown”, etc. Charlie, the host, was great and was the Paul Schaffer for the evening. His girlfriend was craft service, providing garlic shrimp, some bacon wrapped thingy’s and bowls of chili and bread which were all to die for. I sang one horribly squeaky version of “Save It For A Rainy Day” by The Jayhawks because of my vodka destroyed voice, but Shelli sang the rest and Keith was Rick Wakeman for the night. OK, maybe more Jon Lord with his synth patches. Excellent night to be inside playing music while it rained outside.