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Month: March, 2004

South Bay Refinieries

Just before midnight I was driving through Carson and decided to check out the oil refinieries [LINK]. They are some of California’s largest and the whole area can process almost a million gallons a day. They always looked like these belching hissing monsters on the side of the highway that I tried to pass as […]

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Saw Eternal Sunshine [LINK] today and it got me to thinking about what I would have erased from my memory. In the film, Kate Winslet [LINK] and Jim Carrey have each other erased from their memories so they can deal with the pain of the relationship. One does it on a whim after a fight, […]

Like “Gigli” Or The Dialogue In “Matrix 2”

Every other day we get some email about what and what not goes into the recycling bins. This is the trash bin, in case anyone was mistaken.

Gehry Does L.A. Right

[WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL GALLERY]Made my way downtown to check out the still somewhat new Frank Gehry [LINK] designed Disney Concert Hall. [LINK] It’s definitely a photographic dream. The Sydney Opera house looks like an onion splitting open, this looks more like flower petals gone awry. Two different designers yet walking around it has the […]

Smokey Night

2:27am. The Rabbit Moon [LINK] is out [LINK] [LINK]. Not a lot people up right now. After balmy days around here breaking heat records, a cool wispy fog is hugging the city this morning. It’s actually deadened the city’s ambient sound. No white noise other than my refrigerator clicking on and off. Time for some […]

Inside The Head Of Todd Schorr

I went to the Merry Karnowsky Gallery [LINK] on La Brea to look at some paintings by Viktor Koen and ended up with a piece by Todd Schorr. His work is really nuts and has a real fun but evil streak in it. He has a show of original paintings coming up this year that […]