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Month: October, 2005

Daylight Savings Has Ended: 6:32 PM

Lucha VaVoom #10: Sexo y Violencia!!

[LUCHA VAVOOM GALLERY] Over the last couple years I’ve been meaning to get over to Lucha VaVoom but had yet to actually get the energy. On Tuesday I receive my weekly “Flavorpill” email [LINK]. It tells me all the cool things going on in L.A. so I in turn also look cool. There was a […]

Abby Travis at Tarfest

[ABBY TRAVIS GALLERY] [BLYTHE LYRICS] Today had one of those “Dude you’ve totally been under a rock while this is going on” moments. There’s this thing called Tarfest every year at the museums and next door at the tar pits. Um, first off, worst name ever for an event. Tarfest! It’s tar-rific! See you at […]

Queensland Australia 2002

Australian eye candy from a vacation I’ve never posted photos from. Maybe someday I can go through the 1000+ photos and tell the tale of the month long adventure. This was in Trinity Beach in Far North Queensland [LINK] on the last leg of the great South Pacific trek of 2002. Jill and I rented […]

The Black Widower

Caught this little bugger building a web inside the front door. Considering the Black Widow normally eats her mate, this little Widower is lucky. The male is small and their hour glass is yellowish. Google search: “Black Widow is considered the most venomous spider in North America. Only the female Black Widow is venomous; males […]

Brigitte Gets Hitched

[WEDDING PHOTO GALLERY] How unbelievable does Brigitte and her father look?!? That’s awesome. Every photo I have of her from today she looks amazing. I met and used to work with Brigitte 8 or 9 years ago when we were trying to get our feet in the door of the visual effects world. So it […]

Sheryl Crow Entourage Show at Tower Records

Since I’m not going to any of Sheryl’s shows that are coming up I thought I’d catch her at the “free” Tower Records gig. Last month I caught the New Pornographers at Tower [LINK] and what a difference between the two experiences. That one was great without the whole corporate vibe that surrounded Sheryl’s appearance. […]

Nine Inch Nails at The Hollywood Bowl

No no no, of course I didn’t take that photo. Steve Bell and I were off to see Nine Inch Nails [LINK] tonight at the Hollywood Bowl. We met for dinner first at Zankou Chicken [LINK]. Which gets a namecheck in the Beck song “Debra”. “Like a fruit that’s ripe for the picking I wouldn’t […]