Brigitte Gets Hitched

by chris cunningham


How unbelievable does Brigitte and her father look?!? That’s awesome. Every photo I have of her from today she looks amazing. I met and used to work with Brigitte 8 or 9 years ago when we were trying to get our feet in the door of the visual effects world. So it was great to be able to watch her walk down the aisle to Greg today. Sure she worked on the Siegfried & Roy IMAX movie “The Magic Box”, but I won’t hold that against her.

Let’s see, it was Me, Jill, Amanda, Jake, and J.D. at one table, so it was a Sony themed table. Quite a few peeps from the VFX world were there to represent. They had mashed potato martinis out on the deck. Which is a large martini glass dolloped with potatoes and some stew and then you pick your toppings. How odd, but cool. I mingled a bit then caught up with Jill and let’s see, oh she was chatting with this girl. Um, hello??! Totally hot chick, curly haired, funny, rad eyes, bitchin’ smile, arm tattoo, hella cute, and quirky and cool, and, and… she was all, Italy, and I was all, yeah, Barcelona, and she was all that’s cool, and I was all yeah, and, and then I was all wow, and then I was all WOW, and… married. Ha! Ok, so, moving on. Then the dinner began, then the music played, then I had too much wine and got way sleepy, then they cut the cake, then the rest of my photos came out blurry, then I talked about cameras with Jake, then ate my truffle, then shot another blurry photo, then hugged Brigitte and shook Greg’s hand, then I said said my goodbyes to all including the totally hot chick with the curly hair who was funny with rad eyes and bitchin’ smile and the arm tattoo who was all hella cute and quirky and cool who was all “Italy” and I was all “Barcelona” and she was all MARRIED and stuff for Christsakes, then I hopped in the car, put the top down and had a beautiful ride through the city and downtown with the tunes a blaring.

Ya know, before a wedding you do all that gift registry shopping because it just makes it easier? Well, I didn’t find out until this week that they were actually registered someplace. So I log in and all that’s left are some knives or something. So I get the knives. Because, ya know, it’s on their list and stuff, but I’m not sure I’m all that comfortable with buying newlyweds knives. Jus’ saying.

I’m actually starting to like weddings. And that my friends is frightening.

…and they lived happily ever after.