Sheryl Crow Entourage Show at Tower Records

by chris cunningham

Since I’m not going to any of Sheryl’s shows that are coming up I thought I’d catch her at the “free” Tower Records gig. Last month I caught the New Pornographers at Tower [LINK] and what a difference between the two experiences. That one was great without the whole corporate vibe that surrounded Sheryl’s appearance. I actually think there were more people there associated with Sheryl than actual attendees. It was absurd. It started at 11am, but by 10:45 there was only a small line of about 60 people. That line was dwarfed by all the security, technicians, VIP’s, Tower staff, limo drivers, papprazzi, and all her handlers. She really needs to cut a lot of these hangers-on and get back to a simpler thing. What a joke. Anyway, I got there about an hour before and was 3rd in line. Hilarious, this thing was a bust. They had the whole Disneyland weaving line thing thing set up and it wasn’t even needed! So I go in and walk right up to the stage and all the security are threatening people that “If you take a flash photograph, you’re out. No warning, nothing. You’re out”. OK, no problem, I don’t take flash photos anyway. Also, no video, “If you take video, you’re out. No warning, nothing. You’re out”. Jeez, this is becoming a drag just listening to them harp about stuff.

So she comes out, and does “Where Has All the Love Gone”. A weak song on the new album. She plays keyboards. Then the keyboard is taken off stage and they play “Good is Good”. A little better song off the new album. So I’m watching and shooting a photo here and there and suddenly this idiot that was next to me, a Sheryl Crow “handler”, starts giving me all sorts of crap. He’s all frowning and and yelling above the song saying, “No more pictures with that camera!!!” “You cannot take anymore pictures with that camera!” “I mean it!” “After this, that’s it!” “No more pictures with that camera!” All I could think of was Steve Martin in “The Jerk” when he panics at the guy shooting at him. “He hates these cans!!” Except it was “He hates this camera!”

Now… since I’d already fired out about 80 shots, without flash mind you, I was actually OK with that. So as the song wraps up I shoot a couple more and put my camera away. Then the guy continues, “That’s it for you, no more!” “You cannot shoot anymore with that camera!” I looked right at him and said. Duuuuuude! It’s cool. Chill the hell out!!!! Which he didn’t really like all that much, but since I standing right in front of Sheryl he couldn’t really just grab me and throw me out. I’m not sure why he got such a bug up his ass, but whatever. Couldn’t believe it. The show ended and then I went to have Sheryl sign my CD. The prick guy who was standing next to me during the show was now standing right next to her and took my CD cover from me. Because YOU CAN’T GO ANYWHERE NEAR HER, because all fans are obviously stalking her or have leprosy! She said hello and signed it and then handed it to someone else who then handed it to me. She’s got the whole rock star in a bubble thing going on. Sheryl herself seems nice enough, it’s just the drama that’s going on around her that’s lame. Typical though.

Anyway, the whole thing was disappointing and ruined more so by the whole entourage thing. Give me humble indie band any day, who’s just damn happy you show up to their show.