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Month: October, 2006


[HALLOWEEN PARTY PHOTO GALLERY] Halloween Party at Carlos and Renee’s. I didn’t even know who half the people were until I started talking to them for a few minutes. Get out! That’s you Steve?! I also have to point out right now that I did an awesome face plant at the party! Ha ha ha! […]

Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

[DIA DE LOS MUERTOS PHOTO GALLERY] How’d a cemetery become the cool place to hang out in L.A. They’re reinventing the cemetery experience over there at Hollywood Forever. Movies, festivals, actual burials. It’s crazy! Anyway, the Day of the Dead Festival the weekend before the actual event is totally amazing! And really beautiful when the […]

Imageworks Halloween


The Power Grid

West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Westwood, & Sunset Blvd. One of the most amazing sights is flying into Los Angeles on a crystal clear night. So many times I’ve been coming into land and as soon as they turn the lights off inside the plane it gets dead silent. Everybody that has a window seat has […]

Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy. Stop. Shoot Photo. Busy Busy Busy…

I’ve been so stinking busy at work that all things personal have come to a halt. Even hygeine (Hi Gene!) took a turn towards homelessness this past week. I wore shorts to work one day and everybody asked why, and I said it’s the only clean thing lying on the floor. The clue being that […]

Proof I Went To The Valley

Somehow I found myself in Woodland Hills at a Sport’s Bar at 10:00am on Sunday morning watching the Rams play football. That couldn’t have been me? The pod people must have come over and stole my brain or something and forced me over the hill to meet up with my college roommate Julyan. I got […]

49 Up

Santa Monica Blvd – 11:21pm I headed over to the Nuart Theater after being down at the beach and caught the 8:30 screening of [49 Up]. It was so great and fun to see where the people were currently in their lives. It’s weird to think the next one won’t be done until 2012. It’s […]

A Lucinda Williams’ Sunset

Santa Monica Pier – 6:30pm One of my favorite songs is by Lucinda Williams and it’s called Ventura. She’s captured a moment in lyrics of driving up the coast from L.A. that I think is brilliant. Now anytime the sun splashes down into the water and does that little bend I think of that wistful […]

Messin’ with the Cat

Local animals. Nicky the neighbor cat recently moved but I used to have fun with her when she’d come around. She didn’t move that far so she actually comes by occasionally and hangs out. I haven’t seen her in few weeks. All that’s left is old black cat Eddie and annoying Boubou who after about […]

Things I’m Excited About

MUSIC: The Oct. 10th DVD release of Neko Case’s peformance on Austin City Limits from 2003. I’m going to play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and […]