Proof I Went To The Valley

by chris cunningham

Somehow I found myself in Woodland Hills at a Sport’s Bar at 10:00am on Sunday morning watching the Rams play football. That couldn’t have been me? The pod people must have come over and stole my brain or something and forced me over the hill to meet up with my college roommate Julyan. I got a call at 8:50am Sunday morning. Who knew phones even ring Sunday mornings at 8:50am? But there it was sitting by my bed dinging, dinging, and dinging. Wow, that’s amazing. Look at it! 8:50 on a Sunday morning and it’s ringing. Don’t get me wrong, I was awake and staring at the ceiling, but the phone was also ringing. At 8:50 Sunday morning! The strangest thing? I thought it was cool. Because it would mean I actually get up and have a full day. Unlike Saturday where I slept in until 3:30pm. Yes, 3:30 PM. Work was late Friday night.

On the phone was Julyan who I had made plans to have brunch with this morning. Her husband Lance wanted to watch the Rams game and sister Leah was also in tow so we all hopped in the truck and headed over to BJ’s Restaurant/Brewery/Brewhouse or whatever it is. Anyway, Rams won, I watched a Roomba clean their house for awhile, and hit a Halloween store on the way out. I also drove by a ghost town of a minimall on Ventura Blvd. Including a ghost car.

Woodland Hills is a funny name. Wood. Land. Hills. It’s all the same really. Oh yeah, and Tarzana. It’s named after Tarzan. I kid you not. Lake Forest also has that funny name. Oh and the cities Claremont and Montclair being next to each other. That’s an oldie but a goodie. City of Industry is good too. You don’t call it Industry, it’s called The City of Industry. How funny.