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Month: January, 2007

Mammoth Mountain

[SNOW VIDEO] [MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN 2007 PHOTO GALLERY 1280×980] Rather mellow trip this time out. We left on time Friday nght and stopped once for a short break but got to Mammoth about midnight. Got unpacked and then just sat around chatting until about 2am. Slept about 6 hours and then got up and hit the […]

Santa Monica Pier

Now, that I feel up to it…

VFX Bake-Off

And now for something completely boring… This week every year the Visual Effects Bake-Offs are held to determine who gets into the final three for the larger Academy to vote on for the Oscars. All week the sound editors, visual effects artists and makeup and hair stylists all get together and choose who’s best. Or, […]

Ghost Rider Was Here…

It’s about time this thing came out. I kept hearing about people seeing the billboard around town but had yet to see it until tonight. A great fun group of people worked on it. How’s the movie? Dunno. Taking a wait and see approach on this one. (edit: Yeah, the wait to see has taken […]

The Bizarro World of Joshua Tree National Park

[JOSHUA TREE 2007 PHOTO GALLERY 1280×980] Hit the desert for a few days and I can honestly say it’s rather strange being off of the grid. As in no computer and no phone at all. No access if I even wanted it. Strangest is no cell phone. No signal whatsoever. You kind of look down […]

Watts Towers / Nuestro Pueblo by Simon Rodia

[Watts Towers, Los Angeles – Info] L.A.’s own Antoni Gaudi. A skeletal Sagrada Familia in the heart of South Central. Called up [ Adnan ] this morning and we headed over to the Watts Towers. This is one of those places I’ve been meaning to go to my entire life. Lot’s of elementary school trips […]

The Grand Central Market

[Grand Central Market – Info] I’d write the whole story about how I was kicked out of here for *taking pictures of people* (oh please) but that’s all that really needs to be said. It was the standard “private property” excuse and so on. So don’t go to Grand Central Market to shoot photos or […]

Mo’ Betta

[The Bradbury Building, Downtown Los Angeles – Info] So, yeah. I know. It’s really big. But when I first started this website 6 years ago it was a place for my stuff. Photography in general, but whatever came along would be welcomed. Then I got all chatty for some reason and since it’s harder to […]