Bath is Beautiful

by chris cunningham

After the Stonehenge moment we stopped in a little village and had a little lunch at a little pub called The Little George Inn. Nice quiet little town with a little picturesque countryside to go along with it. It was cute in a little way. Left there after 45 minutes and finally arrived in Bath at about 3:30pm. It’s a beautiful town. I walked around the city for about an hour and a half to take in some sights. I wandered down by the river Avon, which is apparently redundant as Avon means river. Walked along the side of it and checked out some swans that were just floating by looking for handouts. Also meandered through some shops that are built on the bridge there. The Pulteney bridge is one of those few bridges that had houses built on it, but I think all are shops now. This and the other two in Italy I think are the only ones. Had we had more time I would have just laid down on the grass by the river and taken a nap. It’s all so tranquil. I met back up with Jill at 5:15 and we went into the Roman Baths and did a quick little tour of the place. Pretty interesting that they only discovered the baths in the 1800s because someone’s basement kept flooding. I really liked Bath, although a shower will do me quite fine right now. You were waiting for the corny bath joke weren’t you?

It took about 2.5 hours to get back to London and we headed straight to Soho for dinner at Nando’s. Yes, again. I practically drink their hot sauce it’s so good. And thus is the last night in London.