Birthday 1

by chris cunningham

Two birthday’s in row and an all day adventure. First Rachel Macs birthday at Universal Studios. I haven’t been to Universal Studios in years but wanted to see the Shrek 4D show. I fortunately didn’t have to work on it and got the pleasure to see it without all the pain of working on it. Same with the forthcoming “Shrek 2”. The 3D work was amazing but it’s too bad nobody really gets a screen credit and you can never really have it on DVD. It’s there for all to see, and it’s amazing, but after a day of being surrounded by Shrek stuff I’m still really sick of it all. Can we bury this film now? The line had some “wanted” signs for Shrek on the way in. I had to laugh because I stared at one of those posters for about a month while working on this one shot [LINK]. Oh man, the guy narrating the tour at the front of the tram really needed to be doused in gasoline and lit up. Now that would have been a cool behind the scenes look at special effects. I think I’ve found where all actors go when they’re not on a sitcom or daytime soap. They’re manning the rides at Universal. My lunch of 4 pasta shells, a soda, some fruit and a cookie was $16. Yikes. I’m packin’ a lunch next time.