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Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

[DIA DE LOS MUERTOS PHOTO GALLERY] How’d a cemetery become the cool place to hang out in L.A. They’re reinventing the cemetery experience over there at Hollywood Forever. Movies, festivals, actual burials. It’s crazy! Anyway, the Day of the Dead Festival the weekend before the actual event is totally amazing! And really beautiful when the […]

Dear Mom, Cadavers are Cool.

Dear Mom,I went to an exhibit today that you would consider to be a house of horrors. I found it terribly interesting.

Exquisite Corpses Part Quatre

1. Occumbo contemno / blood trees reign / dreams / the Sneetches graveyard. 2. Red / Venus rising / young lust / fishbreath. 3. City folk are / lacy pinafore / next appointment / in Kalamazoo. The latest 3 of 12 Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that I’ve now worked on. I’m pretty disappointed in two of […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Trois

1. Humpty buddha’s hand / in funny ways / culture sale / bouche et bijioux. 2. Dust my broom / spanning the infinite / deep in space / something fishy. 3. The flight of / partes / in platon hands / came crashing down. The latest Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that I’ve worked. First one I […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Deux

1. Merry go round / Mckenna’s tomatoes / milking the green / so it grows. 2. That girl’s face / sky writing / out da hole / pass the deodorant. 3. Caffeinated devil bees / and the hive / I hate math / seagull on rocks More Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that have come through the […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Un

1. Mr. Muffet’s nightmare / swimming with stars / that were underground / in dreamtime. 2. My romeo / in the river / stickley pricks / its a-mazing! 3. Mozopolis / killing time / melting L / elaborate systems underground. What the hell’s an Exquisite Corpse? [LINK] Well… it’s a game developed during the surrealist […]