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Category: Movie Reviews

Recent Pelicula Screenings

Eastern Promises The Simpsons Movie Resident Evil: Extinction December Boys The Bourne Ultimatum Superbad Rocket Science Stardust Songcatcher I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS ?Ǭª

Recent Pelicula Screenings

Ratatouille Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Idiocracy Transformers Live Free or Die Hard Evan Almighty Knocked Up Surf’s Up The Phantom of the Opera The Aviator Shrek the Third Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe […]

Recent Pelicula Screenings

Buena Vista Social Club Grindhouse Blades of Glory 300 Music and Lyrics Zodiac Ghost Rider ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS ?Ǭª Hi, hello. Things are good. How are you? I’ve seen some movies in the last month and a half that you might want to know about. I’m not sure when I’ll get […]

Recent Pelicula Screenings

Pan’s Labyrinth Children of Men The Last Man on Earth The Sandlot Night at the Museum For Your Consideration ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS ?Ǭª ?Ǭ†

Recent Pelicula Viewings – HAPPY FEET!

Happy Feet The Lake House The Break Up My Super Ex-Girlfriend ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS!!! ?Ǭª ?Ǭ† Apparantly it’s be inspired by friends week around here! About 7 years ago I met my friend [Ben at PDI]. We were on the same team and went through a bit of hell near the […]

Recent Pelicula Viewings

Borat Halloween H20 Flushed Away 13 Going on 30 Open Season 49 Up Alfie The Hot Chick The Flaming Lips: The Fearless Freaks Girl with a Pearl Earring ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS!!! ?Ǭª There ya go Keiko… you got your movie ratings back.

Little Miss Sunshine(s)

I went over to the [Arclight] theatre today to see the film [Little Miss Sunshine]. Our posh movie theater in town with none of those before film commercials and reserved seating. Great because you can show up just minutes before a movie starts and have the seats you selected rather than the front row. Love […]

Animation Smackdown!

3 films, three days. Caught the three major animated films that are out there right now by the three major studios. “Cars” by Pixar, “Over the Hedge” by Dreamworks and “Monster House” in 3D by us at Imageworks! Go Imageworks! So how’d they fair? Well, I can honestly say without being biased that Monster House […]

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Saw Eternal Sunshine [LINK] today and it got me to thinking about what I would have erased from my memory. In the film, Kate Winslet [LINK] and Jim Carrey have each other erased from their memories so they can deal with the pain of the relationship. One does it on a whim after a fight, […]

Lard Of The Rings: Return Of The King

Clocking in at a hefty 3.5 hours. It’s either a marathon session of holding back pee, or not drinking and having cotton mouth. In Titanic, there’s a nice lull after after the sex scene in the car. That’s a good bathroom break time for that film. I was determined to sit this one through. No […]

Heaven & Earth at El Toro Cinemas

I went and saw “Heaven & Earth” today. It’s the new film by Oliver Stone and the third in the loose trilogy of Platoon & Born on the Fourth of July. It’s pretty good but it will be empty handed at the Oscars. It’s not nearly the movie the other two are. The cinematography, score, […]