Hitchcock Squarepants

by chris cunningham

The last Cinespia [LINK] of the year, well sorta. One more Nov. 1st for Halloween, but I’ll be doing something way way way cooler. We’re up to 14 people now and saving a space large enough is getting difficult. I’ve had to resort to flying a yellow balloon for homing people in through the dark. This week’s yellow balloon… SpongeBob! Asked why I don’t have a cell phone, which would make finding us much easier, I replied, “I have SpongeBob, I don’t need a cell phone”. He lives in a pineapple under the sea. Absorbent and yellow and porous is he. That’s amazing. Anyway… tonight’s viewing, “Shadow of A Doubt” from Alfred Hitchcock. Definitely the best film so far. In attendance, Alice, Angela, Chris, Kelly, Kelly’s Hub., Spencer, 3 other people, Aaron, Pia, Rob, Christine, and me. The fullmoonrise over the mausoleum was shweet.