Imageworks Wine Trip (hic)

by chris cunningham

Sometimes you sign up for things really far in advance thinking ‘oh that might be fun’. Then the day arrives and you’re not particularly in the mood or even interested in going anymore.

Well, that was this trip. I’d completely lost interest in going, and besides the Nintendo Wii was sitting home all by itself. I hardly drink wine anymore and that’s pretty much what this whole trip was about. Since I’d paid for it I just went along for the ride and thought I would enjoy the day. Yeah, not so much. It was hot. The winery above was really nice, but the town of Los Olivos is only two blocks long and we spent 3 hours there. I hadn’t made lunch reservations because I missed that memo or something. So I had to eat at a small market grocery store and it was lousy. Then on the bus ride home it ended spectacularly with a woman (who shall remain nameless) throwing up on herself. Her formerly white shirt now had a purple Rorschach test all over it. Gross. She is not in the photos below.