Independence Day

by chris cunningham

People have short term memories. Every year I hear the same complaint. “We can’t see the fireworks because of the smoke. It wasn’t this bad last year.” Um, yes it was. And the year before that, and the year before that. Personally I think it makes the fireworks look cooler. All this over a 227 year old piece of paper? [LINK] Ya can’t even read the thing! The short version… “We the people don’t like your tea, having a Queen, bangers and mash, that you put “u” in words like colour, that whole lack of religious freedom thing, and lawyers who wear wigs. We’re even going rename football to soccer, and every year we will shoot red rockets that glare into the sky just so you don’t forget. Oh and that whole heavy duty tax thing which brings us back to your crappy tea. Signed, John Hancock and a bunch of other early people who write small.”