Laundry, finally.

by chris cunningham

Today was a day of rest. Woke up and went to do some laundry. The reception gave us the address of this place a couple stops down on the U-Bahn. At first it didn’t look like anything but a cafe butin the back is the washing section. It was awesome. Miele washers and dryers! It was yo pimpin’ and I ordered some Cristal. OK, no, but it was cool for a laundromat to have big ‘ol nice Mieles. I think I actually saw my shirt smiling as it went tumbling by in the soap suds. It was like club in Ibiza for my clothes. The funny thing is that all the washers and dryers had names in a strange bit of anthropomorphism.

[Meet the Washers & the Dryers]

Went to an italian restaurant for dinner which was ok but the temp started to drop as we were sitting outside and my teeth were chattering by the time we left. So of I course I wanted what’s called a King Freezie in the Burger King at the foot of the hotel. Not sure why they don’t have these in the states. Kinda like a thickly crush Icee. They’re 1 Euro and sooo good!

Checked out the movie theater by the hotel but the films were dubbed. The lady behind the counter suggested the Sony Center as they show the movies in English. Without subtitles. Nice. Might go see “The Da Vinci Code Sakrileg” tomorrow night. Ha ha got a good laugh at the poster in the window.

Seriously, laundry. That was the highlight of a very mellow day. I think vacation relaxation mode has finally kicked in. All I want to do is sleep in and go eat.