Tourist Day in Berlin

by chris cunningham

Took a little bus tour around the city today to hit the major sights. A couple annoying guys hopped on at the last minute and were really loud and talking during the english portions of the commentary. Annoying. Once again I started head bobbing while cruising around the city. I think I got hit with the Epstein-Barr virus or something. Exhausted.

Got to stop off at the old Checkpoint Charlie location which was pretty fascinating. I got my passport stamped with all of the stamps available at the time. 12 all together. The Wall part of German history is really fascinating to me especially in light of the yahoo’s back home who want to build a wall along the border with Mexico. In the name of border security. Oh sorry, it’s a fence. All you need is some auto firing weapons and dog runs and were there. What fun. Can someone put up a countdown timer for the current administration so I can check it daily?

Also had a few hours tonight so caught The Da Vinci Code (Sakrileg!) at The Sony Center today. It was like the mother ship calling us home. There was a Sony Style store that we walked through. I tell ya, good we get a discount. Da Vinci Code… weird to see places I just went to portrayed in the film. Film is definitely missing smell-o-vision. Some of the darker corners of Paris have a heavy urine and dog poop aroma. It looks pretty on film you just don’t get the memory of it wafting up your nose. When it comes to Holy Grail movies though, stick with Monty Python.