Les Miserables And Millennium Dome

by chris cunningham

For a lack of anything better to do I decided to go out and see what had become of the Millennium Dome. Well, nothing had become of the Millennium Dome actually. How sad, the giant tent like structure is still sitting along the Thames but there’s nothing but weeds growing up around it. On a day layover in London a couple years ago a friend and I went and it was a really great thing that was showcasing… I’m not sure really what it was showcasing now that I think about it, but it was a lot of fun. Peter Gabriel had composed the music for the Cirque Du Soleil acrobat like show and all sorta of things were flying around. Now it’s dead. It ended up being a bad idea going out there today as I was quickly coming down the one of the most frightening colds I’ve ever had. I was in a bad way by the time I got back to hotel. It hit me so quick.

Unfortunately I had already purchased a ticket for Les Miserables tonight. I’ve seen the show like 5 times but thought I’d see if I liked the London version better. Nope. In fact it was the worst version I’ve seen. The staging was up there, but the key roles were pretty weak. The scary thing is that this one show has been playing here since 1985. 18 years and with over 7500 shows under its belt. That’s half of my lifetime. That’s nuts. No wonder it feels a bit long in the tooth. It’s closing in March and moving down the street to the Queens Theater so that the theater can do its long overdue renovations. I’m soooo sick.