Hot Hot Heat at The London Astoria & Abbey Road

by chris cunningham

Tonight’s show? “Hot Hot Heat” [LINK] at the London Astoria!! Man, I love this band. Do yourself a favor and get into them. Did my usual morning visit to see the venue where the show is going to be. Then I headed out for some sight seeing. I went back to Abbey Road Studios. There’s even a live cam set up [LINK]. I go out there everytime. I don’t know why. Maybe just to read the new graffiti or just soak in the area. The funny thing is later I was to find out that Paul McCartney and his wife had their baby the night before I went out to the studios. You pass the hospital on they why to the studios which is a short 5 minute walk from St. John’s Wood station. She was kept there a few days so it’s highly probable Paul was there the next morning as I walked by. A mere 30 or so feet to the front door.

After that I hopped the train across the city to the south bank and walked over to the “London Eye” and back up to Trafalgar Square where they’ve done something with all the pigeons. I kind of miss those flying rats, dirty as they are. It was pretty much raining this whole time, which sucked. Got back to the nightmare hotel and grabbed a bite to eat before heading over to the Astoria. All the sightseeing paled in comparison to the show tonight. Quite possibly the most going off show I’ve ever seen. The crowd was near rioting with joy. I got in line and I was definitely one of the older guys there, but I made up for that in lack of acne. The only downside of the show is the smoking. God Lord, you could choke a horse in that place. There was a thick grey cloud blanketing the club the whole night. It made the lights look cool, but it was disgusting and after the show I almost dry heaved a few times. It was that NASTY. The show was great though. Crowd surfers galore and the whole place bouncing in unison was amazing. I thought the floor would cave in. Good fun, but ack, cough, cough.