Oh My God. Not More Art.

by chris cunningham

As my New Years Resolution I have personally vowed to try out every web based fad this year. Stupid, or otherwise. I will begin with Mr. Picassohead [LINK]. Which I quite like. I still have to show my iPod [LINK], and flip off a Hummer [LINK]. Other great fads of the past include, “What’s your Hobbit name [LINK]?” “Popo Moss of Lake-by-Downs”. The very old Oracle Of Bacon [LINK] was fun for a few minutes back in the day. The current internet darling of fads, a Blog with comments enabled. Been there, doing that. There is the occasional Google Bombing [LINK]; “miserable failure“, “weapons of mass destruction“, and “french military victories“. I will do them all with no shame.