Pete Yorn At The Wiltern

by chris cunningham

Hi, my name’s Pete Yorn. I play “Sincere Rock” and take myself way to seriously. I’m gonna stand here with my greasy hair for two hours and not really do much, but you guys like my music so much it’ll seem like I’m really amazing. Since I’ve sold out two shows at The Wiltern you sheep must think I’m doing something right. My light show’s going to consist of a mirrorball that I’m going to turn on whenever the music builds to a climax. I’m going to yell stuff from the stage like, “I smell pot!”, “He’s from L.A., aren’t you proud of him?!”, “South Pasadena!”. Come on dude, quit moping around the stage like you’re some brooding arteest. Jump up and down. Something. Anything. And stop telling us the title of every song. We’re fans, we know. A cool thing about The Wiltern is you can park at the Ralphs grocery store, then go shopping until the line to get out of the parking structure has died down. And if that isn’t enough, it’s only 10 minutes to my couch to watch Conan. Two more concerts this week, Pearl Jam and Peter Gabriel. I’m bettin’ they kick Mr. Yorn’s greasy ass. I’ll just stick to his records from here on out.