Piccadilly Circus, Oh Joy

by chris cunningham

Said my goodbyes to Ireland this morning and onto London. I’m really starting to hate London more each time I go. Between Heathrow airport and the flu and virus toxic zone known as the Underground, I can think of many other places I’d rather be. I am here for concerts though, so that’s good. After taking the Piccadilly line into Piccadilly Circus, easy, I tried checking into the hotel. The line for doing this wound through the lobby and out the front door. All around the lobby were notes posted apologizing for the recent evacuation because of the fire alarm. Great. After about 45 minutes I got my key to my crappy room. The bathrooms and showers are down the hall and you have to call them when you want to take a shower. All this for the wonderful price of $100 a night. I was pretty beat so I thought I’d try to take a little nap. About 20 minutes into laying down and just about to fade off, the mother f’in #%#&$ #&*% fire alarm goes off! See for yourself. [VIDEO LINK] The Regent Palace Hotel… never ever ever ever stay there. This is really going to suck as I’m here for the next 5 nights and so far is the noisiest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I’m already entertaining the idea that I’ll never stay in London again.