Sarah Mclachlan at The Staples Center

by chris cunningham

She sure is one purdy gurl. Anyway, Sarah, gone for five years, back with a great new album, a Lord of the Rings Rivendell inspired stage, no hobbits, had a baby, grew her hair out (meow), played the piano, played the guitar, sang Blackbird, wore her shoes on stage for once, too much idle time between songs, Butterfly Boucher opened, no special guests dropped by, 2 to 1 female to male ratio, left work early, worked late the night before, got home at 10:45. Went to bed.

Setlist: Fallen – World on Fire – Adia – Hold On – Perfect Girl – Drifting – Push – I Will Remember You – Ice – Wait – Witness – Elsewhere – Answer – Angel – Fear – Train Wreck – Building a Mystery – Sweet Surrender – Possession Encore: Blackbird – Ice Cream – Stupid – Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

Next up, Lollapalooza orphaned band “The Polyphonic Spree” [LINK] at The El Rey. A happy hippy trippy magical mystery tour through the 60’s and 70’s courtesy of a 20 something piece band in robes.