We Got The Beat

by chris cunningham

Oy, High School Reunion. What I thought was going to be an awkward few hours of staring at people that looked somewhat familiar, it turned into an allnight blabfest with just a few disappointing no-shows. I wasn’t really all that interested in going and even got to the hotel room and started watching Shawshank Redemption before finally entering the fray. First off, 80’s popular music absolutely sucked. All it’s good for now is dancing at weddings. What a horrible legacy it’s left behind. The music selection was just a fright. Oh and the dinner… a chicken leg, a dollop of potatoes, and a bed of vegetables. Blech. Terrible. It was in a tent set up outside the Marriott and called the Lanai Terrace. Now, I haven’t been to Lanai, but I guarantee this was nothing like Lanai. I got my little wristband and it was good to walk in and immediately get recognized by the old gang. All said, no one’s really changed that much. Only one person in the whole class I would say I wouldn’t recognize on the street. Most of the clique barriers were down and people were inter-mingling quite fluidly. Except one set of girls, which wasn’t surprising as they were the “popular” clique anyway. They seemed much less popular tonight because of that. I had one guy come up to me and look at my name tag and say, “Nope, didn’t hang out with you”, and then walked off. It was funny though, not rude.