Savons Parfum?ɬ©s De France

by chris cunningham

Ya see, about 5 years ago I took a little journey to Paree. I accidently left behind any sort of hygiene products on my rush out the door. So after a day or two in Paris I really wanted to find some deodorant and other little nicities. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, deodorant is bit hard to come by in Paris. I searched and searched and finally made my way into a perfume shop. Far back in the corner was a little 2.5 oz. stick of something called Extra Vielle deodorant from Roger & Gallet. Score, I had found the one stick of deodorant in France. That little stick cost me $16! It ended up costing me more later. This stuff better be good for $16. Well it was, and that would be the start of a love affair for Roger & Gallet products that includes an avalanche of deliveries to me in the States. I was telling Naz [LINK] about this at work a few weeks ago and I actually parted with a bar of soap for her to try out. The verdict? Estatic! Enough to want to go in on my next order. So, $65 later for me, and $82 later for her we got the soap de oro goods today. So, yes I import my soaps and cologne from France because I wouldn’t have it any other way. I probably shouldn’t be admitting to this. They do smell nice though, so go ahead and order some for yourself and see [LINK]. Brought to you by American Soaps That Suck Ltd.