The Start of Europa Tour 2006

by chris cunningham

Off to Europa! First London for the week, then the train to Paris, then on to Berlin where we’ll be in the middle of the World Cup, and then to Amsterdam for the last bit. Spent today packing and staying mellow as the flight out is late tonight and arrives in London on Sunday.

Jill finished Superman last week so she wanted to tag along on the European Tour of 2006. So, she’s along but we already had the first hiccup at the airport where she almost didn’t get on because the flight is oversold. They were telling her maybe another airline or the British Airways flight tomorrow at 3:00. Yikes. All’s good though. She got a seat and we’re now in the terminal waiting for our very delayed plane. The other near disaster was as I was running out of the house I decided to use the restroom real quick and went back in to discover my passport sitting on the bathroom floor. THAT WOULD NOT HAVE MADE CHRIS A HAPPY TRAVELER! My bladder had a divine intervention.