by chris cunningham

Played tourist today and just traveled around the city taking in some sights. Hopped on and off the bus until lunch when we hit Nando’s in Soho. Love Nando’s! We used to go to the one in Wellington New Zealand all the time so it was a tasty treat of some spicy Peri-Peri chicken sandwiches! Yum! I sat out front the Apple store this morning to pick up some free wireless and a line was forming a whole half an hour before they opened.

I’m still kinda tired from the flight so I was yawning on and off all day. Almost adjusted, should be good by tomorrow. We’ve got another day of sights tomorrow, but on Wednesday the O2 Wireless Festival is happening in Hyde Park. Gogol Bordello, The Raconteurs, The Like and The Strokes are all playing so it should be excellent. Tickets are at will call and we drove by the site today and it looked like it’s going to be pretty cool. More rawk!! I so don’t miss work. (Sorry guys!) Gotta check in with some of the visual effects houses here in London on Friday… ya know just to see what they might have coming up to work on. Shhhhh…