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Month: February, 2002

The Concert for Artists’ Rights at The Forum

Kathleen and I hit this benefit show with ton of classic rock icons. Sheyl Crow, John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel, and The Eagles. Sheyl Crow Setlist: All I Wanna Do – Soak Up The Sun – Abeline – If it Makes You Happy – Everyday is a Winding Road John Fogerty Setlist: Born on […]

Vasquez Rocks

The best picture of the trunk and rear window of my car I’ll ever take. I can stop trying now. Out at Vasquez Rocks on Highway 14. After a quick visit with Charles and Lisa in Burbank I took a little detour up Highway 14 to Vasquez Rocks. I camped here quite a few times […]

Olvera Street

Don’t forget to hang your Jesus crucifix, and make sure there’s one looming over you in every room. It makes it more fun that way. Nothing like a bloodied and dying martyr to cheer up a room. Ok, now that I’ve offended some people, it’s ok, it all ends happily. He comes back a few days later and stuff. You can even bathe or date him now [LINK].

Sheryl Crow’s 40th Birthday Party at The El Rey

[SHERYL CROW 40TH BIRTHDAY PARTY GALLERY] Finally! Kathleen and I had chased Sheryl Crow all over the west coast from “Lilith Fair” in Washington to “The Bridge School Benefit” in San Francisco, it was about time we caught a whole show. Instead of the half hour slots at all the festivals. We vowed that whenever […]

Los Alamitos Race Track

I’d like to think Monica [LINK], somewhere someplace, felt a sharp pain in her stomach everytime I bet that way. I also think she would laugh at me because I lost my money on every race. Listen to your girlfriends, they just might be right.

Imageworks Ski Trip To Mammoth

On the road with Sony’s 4th annual ski trip. Sometimes there’s nothing like watching the world go by the window. All cameras should have a function where you can only shoot photos the hour or two during sunset. I’m sitting with 50 other people on a bus to L.A. and they’re watching a movie. “The […]