Los Alamitos Race Track

by chris cunningham

Big sister had an all day work meeting at Los Alamitos Race Track with her Washington Mutual coworkers. After the meeting they had the opportunity to watch the racing so she invited me down. Hell, free parking and entry, I’m up for that. I’m going to lose money anyway, so why pay more for it. The secret word to get in was supposed to be “Wamu”. After having to say it twice at three locations and all of them looking at me and saying… “what?”. I had finally broke down and just said “Washington Mutual”. That worked much better. So much for feeling like I was in on something. Back in college my girlfriend used to take me to the track with her, and she would get really mad when I would bet “$5 to win” instead of just “$2 to show”. She said I was missing the point, that it was for fun, not for losing money. In an jab at the past, I bet “$5 to win” on every race.