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Month: January, 2004

Humble Pie Marketing Suggestion

I have an idea. If Humble Pie [LINK] was to release another album, say some unearthed live recordings, they should distribute them via swap meets worldwide. That’s about the only place you can buy a Humble Pie album these days anyway, so why not take it straight to the fans? Brilliant, eh? After walking around […]

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life

Mural and weeds on Benito’s wall at Fairfax and Beverly.

Penguins Are Funny

Argh! I can’t stop playing!!! Click, then click again to hit the penguin [LINK]. 578.7 588.8 593 high score so far. Apologies to whoever made this as I commandeer its use. Must….hit….penguin…farther…

Read The Fine Print First

I love trips to the market. Although, today I snuck out on my Whole Foods [LINK] and cheated on her with the nearby Ralphs [LINK] market. I feel ashamed but I needed food and some household things like towels and lightbulbs. She can’t provide that so I went looking elsewhere. The sexy allure of overstocked […]

Savons Parfum?ɬ©s De France

Ya see, about 5 years ago I took a little journey to Paree. I accidently left behind any sort of hygiene products on my rush out the door. So after a day or two in Paris I really wanted to find some deodorant and other little nicities. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, deodorant is bit hard […]

Chillin’ With Nicky

Another in a long line of cats that does absolutely nothing all day. I know, I sat and watched her do nothing today. Yep, nothin’. Absolutely nothing.

Oh My God. Not More Art.

As my New Years Resolution I have personally vowed to try out every web based fad this year. Stupid, or otherwise. I will begin with Mr. Picassohead [LINK]. Which I quite like. I still have to show my iPod [LINK], and flip off a Hummer [LINK]. Other great fads of the past include, “What’s your […]