Eighth Annual Imageworks Ski Trip

by chris cunningham


So we left work about 5:15 but the bus’s air conditioner was busted and they forgot our ice coolers! The bus got up to 86 degrees inside. It was miserable and we were sitting in Friday night traffic for two hours. So we stopped in the valley to swap out buses and reload everyone. Then we stopped in Mojave for dinner. Then ANOTHER stop in Bishop to drop off sandwich orders that we’ll pick up on the way home on Sunday. We rolled into Mammoth at 2:00am. Yikes. A nine hour bus ride.

This years ski trip included a new twist. Dog sledding. Yep I paid a bunch of dogs to drag my ass around the snow for an hour. And they liked it! Above is the only photo I took the whole weekend because I shot video instead. 54 gigs when I downloaded the video. Good grief, HD video will be the death of my computer. It’s about 11.5 minutes of fairly large footage. Bandwidth impaired people beware. On Saturday evening we all met up for the happy hour and then out to eat.

Sunday was snowmobiling, and then home with a stop in Bishop to pick up the sandwiches that we ordered on the way up. Which was total mayhem. They parked this truck van thing in the Del Taco parking lot and when we got off the bus it was pandemonium. Oddly enough it all worked out. The rest of the trip was uneventful. On the trip up and back we watched Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, Red Eye, Batman Begins, and The 40 Year-Old Virgin.